Axios Press is owned by the Axios Institute, an independent 501-c3 not-for-profit organization, that  publishes books in the fields of moral philosophy, economics, and ecology among others. Most of the books discuss or reflect human choices.

Human choice may involve decisions about right or wrong. In this case, the field may be referred to as ethics or moral philosophy. But decisions about right and wrong constitute only a subset of all the choices we commonly make. We also decide about what is good, true, just, beautiful, or useful among many other topics.

During the 19th century, personal human choices were studied in university departments of political economy (now referred to separately as politics and economics) and eventually psychology. Although we still devote much time to the study of political, economic, and psychological choices, we no longer give much formal attention to personal choices.

The Greek word Axios has many connotations but may be translated as valuable. The name Axios Institute is thus a kind of pun. It refers to what the Institute studies and promotes, the study of valuations,  but also expresses the hope that the work is valuable to others. The Institute is concerned with moral philosophy, broadly defined, and values generally. It seeks to explore all viewpoints and is not affiliated with, nor propounds or expresses the views of, any particular religion, philosophy, ideology, political position, or organized system of thought.

Behind Axios Press

Board of Directors

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Gretchen DuBeau, President

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