Axios Press is part of an independent 501-C3 not-for-profit organization.

The Greek word Axios has many connotations but may be translated as valuable. The name thus expresses a hope that the work is valuable to others. The press is committed to freedom of thought, opinion, and expression, seeks to explore all viewpoints, and is not affiliated with, nor propounds or expresses the views of, any particular religion, philosophy, ideology, political position, or system of thought.

Behind Axios Press

Board of Directors

Gretchen DuBeau

Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff

Stephanie Bosserman

Ivana Mestrovic

Alec Webb

Peter Hufnagel

Jody Banks


Gretchen DuBeau, President

Jody Banks, Administrative Director

Emma Sweeney, Publisher

Jim Fann, Art Director

Glenda Selvage, Rights Manager

Carla Pechie, Bookkeeper