• Waiting for the Moon

    Poems of Bo Juyi
    Translation by Arthur Waley
    Axios Press, 2012. Paperback, 201 pages. $12.00

    The Tang Dynasty was the golden age of Chinese poetry, and Bo Juyi is generally acclaimed as one of China’s greatest poets. For him, writing poetry was a way to expose the ills of society; his was the poetry of everyday human concerns. His poems have an appealing style, written with a deliberate simplicity. They were extremely popular in his lifetime, in both China and Japan, and they continue to be read in both countries today.

  • Cavafy

    166 Poems
    Translated with an Introduction by Alan Boegehold
    Axios Press, 2009. Hardcover, 240 pages. $18.00

    Constantine Cavafy is considered the greatest of modern Greek poets. His poems treat historical, philosophical, and erotic themes, sometimes altogether, and share a unique “voice.” This volume includes a fresh translation by noted classical scholar Alan Boegehold, a translation that captures the style as well as the meaning of the Greek, and a foreword discussing Cavafy’s distinctive values.