Pharmocracy II

How Corrupt Deals and Misguided Medical Regulations are Bankrupting America—and What to do About It
By William Faloon
Hardcover: $20.00 • ISBN: 978-1-60419-121-9

Coming Soon – December 2017


Our healthcare system is irretrievably broken, and now it is devastating the US financially. Pharmocracy II, like its predecessor, Pharmocracy, uncovers egregious FDA incompetence, abuse, and corruption. This is an agency that is serving its corporate “clients,” the big drug companies, not the public.

This book also shows how information about natural therapies from food and other natural sources is censored to support drug company profits. Over-regulation causes lifesaving medications to be delayed or suppressed altogether, and makes consumers pay inflated prices for FDA-approved therapies that are only minimally effective and often dangerous.

A reform of this crony capitalist healthcare system, Faloon argues, would spare Medicare and Medicaid from insolvency, allow small businesses to start hiring and giving raises again, and significantly improve the health of the American public.

Pharmocracy II presents factual evidence and irrefutable logic to support a complete overhaul of today’s broken healthcare system. It lays out a plan of what to do and how to do it. If the plan is followed, it will not only vastly improve American health. It will rescue the American economy.

Since 1980, William Faloon and the nonprofit Life Extension Foundation® have published articles exposing what is rotten, advocating what is good, and promoting innovation in American healthcare. No one is more qualified to lead us forward out of today’s healthcare disaster.

About the Author

William Faloon lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is director and cofounder of the Life Extension Foundation, a consumer advocacy organization that funds research and disseminates information to consumers about optimal health. Faloon has made hundreds of media appearances, including guest spots on The Phil Donohue Show, Tony Brown’s Journal, and ABC News Day One, and has been interviewed by Newsweek and other magazines.




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