Your Stomach

What is Really Making You Miserable and What to Do About It
By Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.
Hardcover: $15.00 • ISBN: 978-1-60766-000-2


Most Americans suffer stomach problems. Many lead lives of utter misery. Whether you call it heartburn or acid reflux, this painful affliction is also associated with throat cancer. Shockingly, the problem may not be too much stomach acid, but too little! And antacids may actually be making the problem worse. This powerful little book offers solid scientific information about one of the most common and distressing ailments in America. There is also fascinat­ing information about little-used all-natural supplements.

Praise for Your Stomach

“Dr. Wright is one of the major pioneers of natural medicine in the US. Acid reflux affects nearly half of the population of the US and his concise document outlines the clear reasons why choosing conventional antacids to suppress acid will actually make your problem worse in the long run. He offers many practical alternatives to rid yourself of this warning symptom and move your body towards healthier digestion.”

—Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of, the world’s most-visited natural health website

“I am a great admirer of Dr. Jonathan Wright and his sound advice has always helped me. This book will help you too.”

—Suzanne Somers

“Your Stomach is a beautiful summation and analysis referencing hundreds of citations to examine the real causes of acid reflux and associated ailments. In less than 40 pages, Dr. Wright constructs a concise assembly of scientific rationale behind digestive disorders and alternative effective solutions to help any sufferer achieve long-term health.”

—Editors of

About the Author

Dr. Jonathan Wright is the Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic in Renton, Washington where he also practices medicine. A Harvard University (A.B. 1965) and University of Michigan graduate (M.D. 1969), Dr. Wright has taught natural biochemical medical treatments since 1983 to thousands of physicians in the USA, Europe, and Japan. In 1982, Dr. Wright personally developed the use of bio-identical estrogens in daily medical practice, and was the first to use DHEA in private practice. He originated successful natural treatment for elimination of childhood asthma and D-mannose treatment for E. coli urinary tract infection, and discovered cobalt’s effect on estrogen detoxification. In 1973, Dr. Wright founded Tahoma Clinic, which focuses on disease prevention and treatment by natural biochemical means. Tahoma Clinic is staffed with medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, nutritionists, allergists, nurses and administrative personnel committed to the vision of providing patients with the best holistic medical care. The infamous 1992 FDA Tahoma Clinic “raid” (“The Great B-Vitamin Bust”) was a major impetus for Congressional reform of vitamin/mineral regulation. Dr. Wright continues to be an advocate for patient freedom of choice in healthcare. Dr. Wright is internationally known for his books and medical articles. He has authored/co-authored 11 books, selling over 1.1 million copies, with two texts achieving best-selling status: “Book of Nutritional Therapy” and “Guide to Healing with Nutrition”. Dr. Wright authors Nutrition and Healing, a monthly newsletter emphasizing nutritional medicine in medical practice that reaches over 90,000 in the USA, and another 20,000 or more worldwide. Along with Alan Gaby, M.D., Dr. Wright routinely presents the comprehensive and scientifically documented “Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice” seminar which has helped numerous health professionals gain insight into nutritional approaches for disease. Dr. Wright speaks nationwide at various medical association conferences on varied topics including nutritional medicine, natural hormone replacement therapies for men and women, the natural treatment of cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, D-mannose for bladder infection, Vitamin D usage and laboratory testing, clinical uses of nutrient elements, and many other subjects.

Dr. Mercola, (April 28, 2014):

“I encourage you to read natural health pioneer Dr. Jonathan Wright’s excellent book Your Stomach: What is Really Making You Miserable and What to Do About It.”

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Life Extension Magazine (December 2009):

“The book, while small, offers concrete scientific data concerning one of the most common and troublesome health issues many Americans face…. After reading Dr. Wright’s book, you’ll want to stop handing your money to Big Pharma for ineffective drugs and start looking for natural, effective solutions to your stomach problems.”

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Ali Al-Rajhi,

“In his book Your Stomach, Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. presents data that may correlate stomach problems American’s face with the antacids prescribed by doctors…”

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What Ails Your Stomach

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Your Stomach

A Very Widespread Problem

A Medical Mistake?

We Need Stomach Acid

Stomach Acid Declines with Age

What Really Causes Heartburn

What Else Might Cause Acid to Back Up Into the Throat?

Why Antacids Might Make the Situation Worse

Why Do Antacids Appear to Help—at Least Temporarily? What Is Really Happening

Doesn’t Everybody “Know” that Antacids are the Stomach Medicine of Choice?

What Drug Companies Actually Say

Don’t Many Doctors Agree with the Drug Companies?

Doesn’t the Government Support the Use of Antacids?

Why Antacids May Be Bad for Your Bones

So Acidity in the Stomach and Acidity in the Rest of the Body are Two Separate Issues?

Other Medical Conditions Associated with Low Stomach Acid

Antacids and Stomach Ulcers

Additional Medical Conditions that Might Be Indirectly Linked to Low Stomach Acid

Side Effects of Prescription-Strength Antacids

The Case against Antacids

The Alternative Approach to Stomach Problems

Finding an “Integrative” Doctor Who May Be More Open to Alternative Approaches




Your Stomach

A Greenwich, Connecticut money manager in his early 50s has made a vast fortune. He is being interviewed by Vanity Fair magazine about the 30,000-square foot home he is building. As the interview proceeds, the money manager pops a powerful antacid pill and sips from a glass of lactose-free skim milk.

One wonders: Will the manager enjoy his new mansion (or anything else) if his stomach is always hurting? If he could choose between the mansion and a sound stomach, wouldn’t he choose a sound stomach? Wouldn’t anybody?

A Very Widespread Problem

It is not just rich people who are popping antacids continually, who are literally afraid to eat, and who dread going to bed after eating dinner. Evidence suggests that a majority of adult Americans have stomach problems to one degree or another; many of them lead lives of utter misery.

An estimated 40-44% of adult Americans suffer from a particular stomach malady called acid reflux. This is acid backing up the throat from the stomach, and is commonly referred to as “heartburn.” Chronic acid reflux may be diagnosed as gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD in turn is associated with throat cancer, which is America’s fastest growing malignancy, up six fold over the past two decades.

A Medical Mistake?

The irony in all this is that these millions of sufferers may be the victims of a medical mistake. Medical mistakes are not uncommon in history. George Washington seems to have been bled to death by his doctors, and there are many other famous cases. But rarely in history has a medical mistake affected so many millions of people, which appears to be the case today with stomach remedies.