• The Secular Saints

    And Why Morals Are Not Just Subjective
    By Hunter Lewis
    Axios Press, 2018. Hardcover, 450 pages. $17.00

    This book provides “brief lives” and thoughts of some leading candidates for the term secular saint. All of them have much to teach us about how we lead our lives and think about the fundamental questions we all face.

    This book also offers a conclusion: that morals and ethics are not just subjective, that they are grounded in very objective realities.

  • A Question of Values

    Six Ways We Make the Personal Choices that Shape Our Lives
    By Hunter Lewis; Foreword by M. Scott Peck
    Axios Press, 2014. Paperback, 295 pages. $12.00

    What personal values are. How we decide about them. What the alternatives are. Seventy-eight value systems featured. Used in classrooms at Harvard and around the world. Praised by educators from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, the Institute for Advanced Study, the University of Virginia, Berea College and elsewhere.

  • Moral Foundations

    An Introduction to Ethics
    By Alexander Skutch
    Axios Press, 2013. Paperback, 577 pages. $12.00

    Alexander Skutch’s Moral Foundations, offered by Axios Press in English for the first time, embodies Skutch’s lifelong inquiry into the structure of moral relations and the sources of morality. Skutch—world famous naturalist, ornithologist, philosopher and author of over 30 books—believed that in order to build a satisfying moral edifice we need to establish an ample and firm foundation. Moral Foundations brilliantly lays out for the reader the myriad ways in which we are products of “harmonization,” a process that unites the crude elements of the world in harmonious patterns. Not only does life depend on the harmonious integration of body and mind, it demands a high degree of concord with the environment in all its aspects. The culmination of Skutch’s life’s work, Moral Foundations is a tour de force of analysis, research and critical thinking and an important contribution to the study of ethics and philosophy.

  • Alternative Values

    The Perennial Debate about Wealth, Power, Fame, Praise, Glory, and Physical Pleasure
    Edited with an Introduction by Hunter Lewis
    Axios Press, 2005. Paperback, 190 pages. $12.00

    Is desire itself desirable? Should we let our desires run unchecked, especially the passionate desires for wealth, fame, praise, power and physical pleasure? Or should we try to eliminate them? Set up as a lively debate between the best thinkers of today and yesterday, Alternative Values offers strong arguments—some logical, some empirical, some emotional, some intuitive—on each side of this debate. An excellent guide for the young (and not so young).