• The Poor Me Manual

    Perfecting Self-Pity—My Own Story
    By Hunter Lewis
    Axios Press, 2014. Hardcover, 80 pages. $12.00

    This is a rollicking fictional memoir that takes us through the ups and downs of the mysterious author’s life. And what a life it is, full to the brim with every imaginable kind of neurotic behavior. You will often laugh out loud. But you will also learn a great deal about the emotions and about which emotional strategies work and which don’t.

  • Three Prescriptions for Happiness

    By Ken Keyes, Jr.
    Axios Press, 2010. Paperback, 126 pages. $12.00

    A pioneer in the personal growth field and a lifelong peace advocate, Ken Keyes, Jr., contracted polio at age 27 which confined him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Yet he looked upon it as a blessing: “I view my so-called ‘handicap’ as another gift my life has offered me.” This deceptively simple little book contains three secrets—three prescriptions from this self-described “happiness doctor”—which are at once obvious and profoundly life-changing.

  • The Beguiling Serpent

    A Re-evaluation of Emotions and Values
    By Hunter Lewis
    Axios Press, 2000. Paperback, 140 pages. $12.00

    The Beguiling Serpent looks at emotions and emotional values in particular. On one level a sequel to A Question of Values, it is also an excellent introduction to emotions and values, and ideal course material.