• On Hinduism

    By Irina Gajjar
    Axios Press, 2013. Paperback, 197 pages. $12.00

    Hinduism—the world’s oldest major religion—is a mixture of faiths that have evolved from the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. While recognizing the immense complexity of the subject matter, the author has striven for clarity in her explanations. The author skillfully weaves together many sources to help readers understand the depth and importance of Hinduism. On Hinduism is both an historical and a philosophical account, grounded by the deep reflections of an important mind.

  • The Wisdom of the Jewish Mystics

    By Alan Unterman
    Axios Press, 2009. Paperback, 97 pages. $12.00

    The Wisdom of the Jewish Mystics is a selection of the most important writings, commentary, and ideas of the Jewish mystical tradition through the ages. The sayings are drawn primarily from the great Hasidic writers, like the Baal Shem Tov, who produced a new genre of mystical literature for laypeople. In his introduction, Dr. Unterman explains the background of kabbalistic thought and distills the quintessence of the mystics’ wisdom.

  • The Wisdom of the Sufis

    By Kenneth Cragg
    Axios Press, 2009. Paperback, 103 pages. $12.00

    In his introduction to the anthology The Wisdom of the Sufis, Kenneth Cragg offers the Western reader valuable insight into the religion and richly poetic literature of the Middle East, and the esoteric, deeply experiential inner tradition of Islam. Bishop Cragg’s selections of prayers and legends concern the task, search, and goal of the Sufi mystic—the dervish—and his introduction explains the unlikely growth of mysticism out of medieval orthodox Islam.

  • The Gita

    A New Translation of Hindu Sacred Scripture
    Translation and Introduction by Irina Gajjar; Sanskrit Illuminations by Navin J. Gajjar
    Axios Press, 2008. Paperback, 315 pages. $12.00

    The Bhagavad Gita is a treasure of world religious, philosophical, and ethical literature. Part of the larger Mahabharata cycle, it is the most famous part of that great Indian epic. This book was Gandhi’s personal bible. His life exemplified its ideal of spiritual detachment in the very midst of intense conflict and action. The Gita was also a favorite text of Thoreau, Emerson, and T.S. Eliot.

  • The Words of Jesus

    Edited by Axios Press
    Axios Press, 2000. Paperback, 268 pages. $12.00

    The canonical gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, provide not only Jesus’ works but also his actions, the context within which the words are spoken. By presenting Jesus’ words without those intervening stories, we can experience Jesus’ teachings in a way that is fresh and immediate.